I was just wondering what is the meaning of Ied-al Adha?

Previously, I thought it was just a sacrifice of the goat, cow, and camel for the God to follow the example of Prophet Ibrahim when he got an order from the God to sacrifice his son Ismail.

It turns out then that Ied-al Adha is more than mere sacrifice. It also a means to gratitude for all of the fortunes that humans obtain from their God. After enjoying many fortunes, Moslem should be gratitude by sharing and sacrificing their incomes with those who live in unfavourable circumstance.

Moslems believe that some part of their sustenances is supposed to belong to others. By sacrificing animals, one deducted the income to buy these animals. At the same time, this action helps cattleman to make a profit. Meanwhile, the meats from the animals are shared not only among Moslem but also with other religious believers. Thus, the action makes all parties better off and obtain benefits.

In short, the benefits of Ied-al Adha are two folds. First, it is the instrument to show the obedience and gratitude of Moslem towards their God. Secondly, it also a tool to share with others.