Jakarta, (27/10) Pasific Disaster Center (PDC) and BNPB conducted Train the Trainer for Indonesia All-hazards Warning and Risk Evaluation (InAWARE). The training purpose was to improve the personal ability of BNPB staff in gathering disaster data. This activity taught the participants to deliver early warning in disaster management through improving the access of information from several sources nationally and internationally. Those sources were integrated in order to send the disaster information for the disaster prone community.

InAWARE system provided facility for monitoring and evaluating the risk. InAWARE system actually is the modifying version of previous Disaster Aware which build by PDC, the platform that integrating a number of global data for disaster monitoring.

“InAWARE system will increase the ability of personnel to search and collecting the disaster data in the prone area.” John Livengood, one of the instructors explained. “This system has continued developing in order to make it easier to use and the data will more complete. In addition, InAWARE assists the disaster management institution to access automatically the disastrous events in national, regional, and international region. Furthermore, the system supports data sharing among the disaster management activists and dissemination the disaster information for the risk society.

The source for this article is from BNPB Website