Jakarta – It has been four years since the eruption of Mount Merapi. An affected community experience significant improvement in rehabilitation and reconstruction process. One of the key successes in the process was the establishment of the joint program among the UN organisations such as: UNDP, FAO, and NGO like IOM. This program was under supervised and coordinated of the BNPB as part of the after disaster action plan for rehabilitation and reconstruction which had been established since July 2011. Exposing the result to communities, UNDP, BNPB and other UN bodies conducted ‘Program Exposes’ on Thursday (23/10) at Jakarta.

This program was held in two phases, the first phase started in February 1, 2012 until May, 2013, while the second phase was between February 2, 2013 and September, 2014. The output of the program covered three aspects. Firstly, the program considered about the livelihood recovery sustainability and supporting the increased of income by involving value chain analysis for the selected commodity. Secondly, the activity urged the capacity building for local government to organise and coordinate the recovery process that based on disaster risk reduction and also encouraged the participation all stakeholder. Lastly, there was a strengthening in resilience and coordination among the affected community and related stakeholder.

Several achievements have been touching the affected community. Beyond the capacity development of the local government, affected community gained the experience to increase their welfare after the eruption. Those were included communal cage for the cow, the certification for snake fruit for export purpose, village information system, etc. The rehabilitation and reconstruction program based on disaster risk reduction and build back better principle.

In his remarks, The Director of Recovery and Social Economic Improvement of BNPB, Siswanto Budi Prasodjo, said thank you for the UN agencies and other donors for supporting and the significant achievement for rehabilitation and reconstruction program after the eruption four years ago. Siswanto, as coordinator of DR4, UNDP, said that the program accomplishments had been increasing livelihood and sovereignty of the affected people.

Source from BNPB Website