Three Things Not To Forget

What are three things that you grateful for today?

For me, these are three things that often overlooked, but turns out are very important.

1. I often overlooked my sensors ability to function.

Did you know that people with Coronavirus loss their ability to smell a thing?

This morning I was afraid when thought I lose my ability to smell things.

Fortunately, it just a morning routine when our body cleans up all those toxic materials that cause mucus filling up the throat and nose.

2. I often have taken for granted my posses vehicles.

It means I forget to clean up those vehicles, to take care of them appropriately, or to bring them to the service store when it is the time.

The main reason why do we need to take care of those vehicles is when we need to ride then they will be ready and not causing a problem along the road.

3. I often forget the beautiful moment when playing with my children.

Sometimes I just so busy with the work and neglect my children when they ask me to accompany them for playing.

Presence and time are the most important thing that children need from their parents.

Make sure to be present when you are with your child. It means you put away your phone, your work, your thought other than about them.

Please be present for your child, and they will remember it through their life.

Do you have anything that mostly is being forgotten to be grateful during the day?

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