Diary English

After a Journey

What are lessons learned that I gathered from the last journey?

In two days, from Wednesday to Thursday, I have an opportunity for visiting difference province in my country, Indonesia.

After that journey, I have at least three items that should be grateful, namely: 

  1. I can go from and back home safely.
  2. I can complete my task in the destination.
  3. I can meet again with the family, and they are doing good. 

For me, this is the first flight after the last one I did in December 2019. 

After such a long time for never flight, when it comes to fly again, I was nervous before and during the flight.

On the way back from Aceh to Jakarta, the weather condition also bad. It was causing, such a tremor inside the plane. My hand was holding the chair’s handle tightly. 

Finally, I relieve when the plane was touching the ground.

Do you have a story that worth to be grateful?

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