Diary: Break

Due to the winter semester break when I have to flight back to my country, there are no posts in this blog. During this time, my duty was changing from full-time student to full-time nanny. I spent most of the time to take care of my twins. Even though I cannot replace my wife’s role in caring my daughters completely, I have tried my best to assist her and gave her time to enjoy herself.

The break occurred at the same time with Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak when most people in my country celebrated. Before the Eid holiday, I have to finish my Ramadhan fasting. It was such a pleasure to be fasting amidst the family even though the fasting in Indonesia was longer than in Australia. But, it was not a big deal to be fasting even for a longer time as long as amongst the family.

Several days before the Eid holiday, my daughters and I migrated from our house in Jakarta to my origin place in Magelang where my big family live. Indonesian calls this process as ‘mudik’, when million of people move from Jakarta to their origin. Fortunately, as I have a long break, I did not have to follow the holiday for the civil servant as my wife. I outstripped other people and therefore I did not have to face a severe traffic jam like the others.

For me, to be at home always causes an emotional and unforgettable moment. It becomes a reconciliation time for my daughters and me after we should live separately for more than four months. Indeed, I have missed a big part of their growing process, for example, I missed their first step and word. However, when I was at home, I tried to catch up by accompanying them almost every day. The aim of this time is to entwine my relationship with my daughters, my wife and other family members.

Despite benefits for me when I was at home, there are also a number drawbacks. Firstly, I lacked existence as I never go online. I rarely touch my phone or other gadgets and prefer to hold and hug my daughters. As the result, there were no updates on my blog and other social media account. Secondly, being at home reduced my ability in school relating stuff such as reading, writing, and critical-thinking, as I never utilise them. It all became a problem when I was back to the university and often I would gain a bad mark.

That is part of my long story during the semester break. I thank you kindly for your time to read this post.

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